Cabin Service Systems

1900 SIM Connectors

Derived from the legacy 1977 connector shells, the 1900SIM series can be fitted with the whole SIM modules range and is perfect for railway and mass transit applications.

Custom Molded Cables

High performance injection-molded cables.

Over-Braided Cables

Over-braided cables to improve overall EMI performance.

SIM EN4165 Mono-Module Connectors

The EN4165 / SIM Monomodule Series (ARINC 809) connector is a mono modular, push-pull connector that is ideal for In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Service Systems, and other interconnect system requirements.

SIM Modules

SIM/EN4165 Series 2 & 3 modules are modular, rectangular connectors that can host a large variety of contacts and fiber optics.

SIM Multibay

2 Bay and 4 Bay SIM/EN4165 plugs and receptacles, designed with weight and space savings in mind.

SIM Plates/Custom Military

Custom connectors according to your needs and dedicated to your applications.