Cabin Audio

Amphenol PCD's Audio switching technology in the jack supports a wide range of headsets. Including ARINC compatible connector formats such as ANR (Active Noise Reduction) headsets and passive headsets or earphones. Supporting A1, A2, B1, B2 for passive headsets, C2 for powered ANR headsets and C2-Mod or D2 low-cost ANC headsets.Make use of Amphenol PCD's audio connector's integrated noise cancelling technology while reducing expenses with a premium experience. This technology allows cabins to provide inexpensive headsets with ANC (active noise cancellation) features, at a fraction of the cost of regular ANC headsets.   Providing long-life magnetic connector options with the MJ-Plug compatible magnetic connector supporting all the features of the standard ARINC plug interface such as premium or low-cost ANR. Using the MJ-Plug interface reduces downtime and maintenance on audio connectors as the magnetic interface has a connection cycle rating of 250,000 cycles.Amphenol PCD Audio connectors have a wide variety of protection features, such as short-circuit protection, temperature protection, ANC instability detection, that keep maintenance time and costs low, and customers engaged.

ANC Module

Latest updated ANC technology contained in a single PCB module that can be installed in tight spaces like under the monitor.


Bluetooth connectivity with a directional antenna, for a more efficient, less noisy connection.

Dual Port Magjack

Incorporates high durability magnetic interfacing jack with a USB charging port in a small, lightweight package.


Paired with Amphenol PCD’s Audio jacks provide superb noise comfort and an elevated passenger experience.


The longest lasting jack on the market. Smartjack™  technology paired with a high durability magnetic interface.


Customizable, a patented modular system that can be installed in the seatback, armrest, or as a remote application.


Standard obround, square, and triangle cutout audio jacks witH proprietary active noise cancelling technology built in.