Strain relief, environmental protection and EMI/RFI shielding at the termination area of any connector. Support most applications with a full line of Military (MIL) specification, commercial, and custom solutions options.


100% Aluminum up to 50% weight saving. Offers superior EMI performance vs other light weight backshells.

Bandlock Adapter

Bandlock adapters are a cost-effective means for terminating the cable assembly using replaceable tempered bands with low DC resistance.


Provide strain relief, support weight saving initiatives and withstands high vibration and corrosive environments.

Crimp Ring Adapter

Cable terminations where heat shrink boots are used may require provision for terminating the screens.

Dummy Receptacles

Provide organization and protection against contaminants for MIL-DTL-26482 connectors.


Qualified to Aerospace Defense Security Standard ESC 75, 76, 77.  Available in Straight, 45° and 90° options.


Provide the cable support and strain relief while ensuring cable sealing and environment protection.

Environmental EMI/RFI

Ideal for heavy duty cabling solutions in harsh environments where electromagnet and radio frequency are to be isolated.


Works with cylindrical square flange connectors and are ideal for high vibration areas.

Grommet Nut

Provide a good holding force for a crimp connector when expensive and heavy backshells are not used.

Hexagon Nut

Designed to be used with D38999 Series III connectors.

Lamp Thread Adapter

An adapter with threads similar to that in the lamp base for shield termination.

Metal Flange

Prevents loss of hardware inside the box and easy alignment during assembly.

Mounting Flange

Works with a cylindrical square flange connector.  It is ideal for rugged areas where installation and vibration is a concern.


Provides an effective cable holding mechanism with superb strain relief for heavy cabling

Non-Environmental EMI/RFI

Provides 360° electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding and cable support for heavy cabling.


Optimal combination of durability, adjustability, and weight savings for harsh environments.

Pre-Shield Adapter

Provided with a pre-cut braid that is fitted to the adapter for easy assembly.

Rubber Bushings

Provide cable support and protection from rubbing when clamped in backshell.

SQ Adapter

Cost-effective way to terminate the braid to the adapter.

Shrink Boot Adapter

Ideal solution when the undsheilded cables are terminated with heat shrink boots.

Strain Relief Clamp

Light weight clamp used for securing cable into a desired direction.

Termination Bands

Tempered bands used to secure shields to band lock adapters and give a low DC resistance.

Tie Wrap

Light weight clamp used for securing cable into a desired direction.