Adhesive Solutions

Adhesive cable and pipe supports to mount wires where drilling is not allowed. Ensuring a strong and secure hold for wires, adhesive solutions are resistant to moisture, heat, vibration, and chemicals. Offering adhesive anchor supports, standoffs for elevation, or clamps to immediately secure wires.

Adhesive Snap ‘N Post

Improved installation time with pre-mounted posts on the structure and pre-mounted adapter heads on the wire harness. Simply “snap” adapter heads onto post to complete install.

Adhesive Standoff

An elevated mounted attachment without adding holes in the structure, adhered using wet processes epoxy.

Adhesive Tie Mounts

A low profile mount without adding holes to a structure, adhered using VHB Tape or wet processes epoxy.

U-Snap Clamps

A lightweight, metal free clamp with an interchangeable grommet.  Available in adhesive and screw mount.