Amphenol PCD’s innovative solutions keep pace with the market demands, with a wide array of connectors, wire management clamps & custom assemblies that meet these new requirements. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) airframes are defining a new era of commuting transportation. Newly developed eVTOL and UAM aircraft serving the AAM market demand smaller, lighter & customized solutions. Amphenol PCD’s solutions are light weight, compact, & cost effective, building on years of experience in the demanding aerospace market.

Cockpit >

Secure communications, controls, and actuation require highly reliable connectors that can expand in density as the amount of signal and sensor transmissions increase.

Fuselage >

Rugged connectors, harnessing solutions and system attachments that are lighter weight, easy to install and composite are improvements offered by Amphenol over traditional aerospace solutions.

Passenger >

Lightweight, simple to use Interior components from lighting to IFEC allowing access to  personal power and wireless charging.

Power Generation & Propulsors >

Connectors to ground charging  solutions coupled with harness assembly capabilities. Offering end-to-end solutions for AAM electric motor and power distribution requirements.

Wings >

Fiber optics, fuel and hydraulics, power distribution and flight controls all lay side by side with extreme temperature fluctuations and vibrations. Amphenol’s products are built to accommodate the most extreme conditions no matter the environment.