Cable & Pipe Management

Lightweight, composite solutions for wire, hydraulic, and fuel systems in harsh environments. Clamps, Fairlead Blocks, Ligthtening Hole Bushings, spacers, and standoffs, work to protect cables from abrasion, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Designed to meet or exceed multiple aerospace standards, such as AS21919, M23190, MIL-DTL-85052, RTCA DO-160, and ABS1916, as well as quick turn custom solutions.

Adhesive Solutions >

Supports to mount wires where drilling is not allowed. Strong and secure hold for wires, resistant to moisture, heat, vibration, and chemicals in adhesive tape or glue mounts.

CRN Brackets

Custom made to hold the “Current Return Network” in place inside a composite aircraft.

Cable Supports

Customizable Cable Supports made from nylon, designed to fix onto an aircraft’s airframe, fuel tank or engine applications.

Carbon PEEK Thermoplastic

Provide cusomizable solutions at a lower cost than Titanium.

Clamps >

Meet or exceed aerospace standards, such as AS21919, M23190, MIL-DTL-85052, RTCA DO-160, and ABS1916. Easier installation and removal, with quick turn custom solutions.


Customizable solution supporting wire bundles where separation or protection from other systems or structures is necessary.

Customizable Fairlead Blocks

Customizable solution ensuring pipes and tubes are properly secured throughout their entire length.

Design Services

Customize any solution using PCD’s in-house FEA and additive manufactured prototyping to accelerate iterative design cycles and concept validation.

PEEK Standoffs

Designed with strength, stability, and weight reduction in mind to replace heavier metal alternatives.

Power Feeder Spacers

Provide constant spacing between the power feeder harnesses, allowing for a slight rotation on the power feeder bundle.

QuickSNAP Lightening Hole Bushings

Customizable, made with smooth edges to gently guide wires through aircraft frames and stringers.

Raceways >

A single piece, lightweight design with multiple fixing points to make wire bundle installation and maintenance easy.

Rapid Part Development

Ability to rapidly design and deploy production ready parts using 3D printing technology.

Wire Separators

Separate cable harnesses from one another, organizing cable routing throughout the aircraft.