Rugged USB

Harsh environment USB connectors (USB-A, USB-B, USB-C) within 38999 shells or in miniature form factor, as well as rugged USB electronics including memory keys and USB protocol amplifiers.


Extend your USB cordset connection length over long distances

Rugged USB-A

Rugged USB connectors for harsh environments, offered in both USB2.0 and USB3.0 speeds.

Rugged USB-C

A new rugged USB3.0 connector with Type C interface.

TV µCom USB 3.0

TVμCom USB3.0 is the smallest interface that can run USB3.0 signal inserted into a size 11 38999 series III shell.

USB Memory Keys

USB3.2 Gen1 Reinforced Memory Keys for data storage in harsh environment

USB-A to USB-C Adaptors

Harsh environment solutions for USB signal – Integrate USB-C ports into systems without disassembling an existing USB-A link

µCom USB 3.0

Smallest interface that can run USB3.0 signal while still being as rugged as a 38999 connector.