AN/PRC 117G & 152 Military Radio Data Connectors


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Product Specialist
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Interfaces with AN/PRC 117G/152 military radio 32 pin data connector; used with rugged laptops, intercom systems & FBCB2; offered as field installable connector kits & factory assembled cable assemblies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Interface with PRC 117 and 152 radios

  • Harsh Environments

  • Rugged and watertight

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Military Communications

Modern soldier kit is evolving to feature heads-up displays, advanced communications equipment, various types of optics, and more. Amphenol connectors are built to keep this gear online and working efficiently in even the harshest environments.

Military Vehicles

Amphenol connectors are lightweight and capable of handling extensive power transfers required for electric mobility vehicles and EV infrastructure.

While the future of military ground mobility is hybrid and electric vehicles, Amphenol connectors remain a mainstay in gasoline-powered, legacy combat vehicle systems.