Product Service Bulletin

Amphenol AirLB France (AALBF)

BIP 19-004

BIP 20-001

BIC 20-002

BIP 20-004

BIC 21-002

BIC 21-003

BIP 21-001

BIP 21-002

BIP 21-003

Amphenol Interconnect India (AII)

Change of Cage CODE for Amphenol India Factories

Amphenol Limited

PCN 90º Rhino

62 Contact Change of Material

Tubular Filter Connectors Obsolescence

31GB Series Obsolescence


Fluorosilicone– Sealed Route

Proprietary Fluorosilicone

Amphenol Socapex

PCN123382 SL61 Range Rationalization



PCN 129996