Rugged Network Solutions

Rugged Network Devices, Accessories and RJ45, USB, HDMI interfaces in MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and MIL-DTL-26482 Series I shells for use in the harshest environments.

Rugged Accessories >

Compatible accessories for the Rugged Network Solutions product lines, including cybersecurity caps, tactical cordsets for Ethernet and USB, and harsh environment cable reels.

Rugged Ethernet Connectors >

Harsh environment Ethernet connectors including standard RJ45 interfaces within 38999 shells, and miniature high-speed interfaces supporting Cat5E through Cat7  speeds.

Rugged Network Devices >

Highly customizable harsh environment Ethernet Switches and Media Converters available in a variety of sizes (4-28 ports switches), interfaces and management options.

Rugged USB >

Harsh environment USB connectors (USB-A, USB-B, USB-C) within 38999 shells or in miniature form factor, as well as rugged USB electronics including memory keys and USB protocol amplifiers.

Rugged Video Display >

Ruggedized display connectors, available in HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, or USB-C protocols.