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SIM Mono Module is a Rectangular and Modular connector, Performant and Easy to use. SIM mono module series is primarily designed for applications related to Commercial Aviation: Cabin Service Systems and In Flight Entertainment systems. SIM mono module series uses electroless nickel plating on a thermoplastic shell. This provides electrical continuity and shielding effectiveness between plug, receptacle, backshell and shielding braid of the cable. The coupling polarization, from A to G, is ensured by the mean of polarization keys and a color coding range (colored coding plates for receptacles and colored locking tabs for plugs). The modular design of the SIM monomodule series makes it simple to terminate, assemble, install, maintain and repair, while reducing the inventory of components and parts to the minimum. SIM monomodule is an extension of the already existing, durable, and well proven AECMA / EN4165 modular, rectangular series, and was designed according to the ARINC 809 committee recommendations.

Features & Benefits

  • Modularity- Flexibility in design (RF, Power, Signal, Fiber optic & Ethernet).

  • Rectangular -Space efficiency due to compact design, more power in less space.

  • Sealed - Excellent performances due to silicon overmolding process that meets or exceeds IP66 / IP68 / IP69K

  • Shielded - High EMI shielding performances.

  • Wide range of contacts - Electrical (size 26 to 8), SAE-AS39029 and EN3155 standards, Straight or Angled, Crimped or PCB versions.

  • RoHS & REACH compliant - Restricts use of hazardous materials.

Monomodule Declaration of Design and Performance

Installation Instructions – Monomodule Connectors

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