In-Flight Entertainment

ANC Module

Latest updated ANC technology contained in a single PCB module that can be installed in tight spaces like under the monitor.


Bluetooth connectivity with a directional antenna, for a more efficient, less noisy connection.

Custom Development

Aerospace design and testing to meet custom product needs. Products are designed and tested to DO-160 standards.

Dual Port Magjack

Incorporates high durability magnetic interfacing jack with a USB charging port in a small, lightweight package.


Paired with Amphenol PCD’s Audio jacks provide superb noise comfort and an elevated passenger experience.


The longest lasting jack on the market. Smartjack™  technology paired with a high durability magnetic interface.

Qi2 Wireless Charging

The latest Qi2, single coil, charging protocol with magnetic alignment, resulting in a smaller, lighter and more efficient charging.


Standard obround, square, and triangle cutout audio jacks witH proprietary active noise cancelling technology built in.


Customizable, a patented modular system that can be installed in the seatback, armrest, or as a remote application.

USB Modular Power

Amphenol Modular jacks were designed to take the headache out of maintenance and save money over the long run. Connector modules can be replaced without removed and replacing the entire jack.

USB Power

60W charging devices for Type A and Type C connectors. Smart power balancing and LED light pipes.