Circular Connectors

Amphenol Pcd offers a varying range of Circular Connectors –  Bulldog, MFM Simplex, Terrapin, and APeX Galley Connector, Circular. Bulldog, IP68 rated and RoHS compliant was specifically designed for harsh environment applications.  The  MFM Simplex's rugged, anti-vibration, corrosion resistant design ensures high environmental and optical performance. Terrapin, a series of push-pull and latch connectors, has superior EMI performance and is IP68 rated. Our APeX Galley Connector, Circular is a new product designed specifically for aircraft galley applications. It is intermateable and interchangeable with other circular galley connectors in the marketplace.

Applications: Soldier Communications/Military Radios, Harsh Environments, Radio/Datalink/Antenna/C4I, Shelter Power Management Aircraft Galleys