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Engineered for High Voltage and High Current systems in E-Flight, E-VTOL and hybrid applications. Raptor is designed to provide partial discharge free performance at an operating voltage of 2.0KV AC(rms) at 35,000 ft, making it ideal for applications such as batteries, generators, motors & power distribution units. It is ideal for termination of screened HV power cables in Aerospace applications. Raptor is based on existing proven Amphenol Ltd Rhino series for ground power applications, re-engineered for Aerospace and using the new TALON contacts with a higher temperature capability up to 200°c. With IP68 sealing, an anti-decoupling ratchet mechanism on both coupling ring and backshell, ensuring a reliable connection even under high vibration. With superior EMC performance, Electroless Nickel plating and high voltage insulation system the Raptor connector series ensures a reliable connection for high power e-flight systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • TALON high temperature contacts

  • Shell Sizes 15 to 25

  • Silver Plated Copper Contact

  • Nickel Plated Aluminium Connector housings

  • Insulator material for High Voltage

  • Increased creepage & clearance distances

  • Improved insulation geometry for HV electric fields

  • Designed for increased operating voltages at aircraft altitudes

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