RJFTV Cordsets & Jumpers


Natalie Emerson
Product Specialist
[email protected]

Lino D’Andreti
Field Application Engineer
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For extremely ruggedized cordset needs, we offer Ethernet cordsets with our harsh environment RJFTV plugs (based on MIL-DTL-38999), ideal for IP68 mated connections with our RJFTV receptacle series. Available either plug to plug with tactical cable in between, or as a receptacle with RJ45 back termination, these are ideal for military/aerospace communication situations, and are field deployable. Improved EMI protection and compatible with Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A Ethernet speeds.

Features & Benefits:

  • RJF TV cordsets with tactical Ethernet Cable

  • RJF TV Receptacle with RJ45 Back End