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A high quality band will do the job with this backshell. Tempered bands are tightened over the shields, which are pulled over the banding area using a special assembly tool. Suitable over cover by heat shrink boot or some other method as chosen by the designer could be used. Both crimp ring and banded terminations give a low DC resistance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for compact designs

  • EMI/RFI shielding

  • shield termination by suitable band style

  • works with heat shrink boots

  • Offered in QPL, custom solutions, and commerical types

M85049/128 Shield Termination Band

M85049/88,89,90 Composite Band Lock

M85049/88, M85049/89, M85019/90 Band Lock Adapter

M85049/85, M85049/86, M85019/87 Band Lock Adapter

M85049/82, M85049/83, M85049/84 Band Lock Adapter

Custom Backshell Solutions

QPL Backshell Catalog

Military Avionics

Sophisticated interconnect systems to deliver greater power and speed to meet the requirements of modern and future flight applications.

Military Communications

Modern soldier kit is evolving to feature heads-up displays, advanced communications equipment, various types of optics, and more. Amphenol connectors are built to keep this gear online and working efficiently in even the harshest environments.

Military Rotorcraft / Helicopters

Sophisticated interconnect systems to deliver greater power and speed to meet the requirements of modern and future flight applications.

Military Vehicles

Amphenol connectors are lightweight and capable of handling extensive power transfers required for electric mobility vehicles and EV infrastructure.

While the future of military ground mobility is hybrid and electric vehicles, Amphenol connectors remain a mainstay in gasoline-powered, legacy combat vehicle systems.


Interconnect systems designed to meet the stringent electrical and connectivity requirements powering today’s advanced naval surface ships and submarines operating in littoral and deep water applications.


Amphenol connectors in everything from low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that make advanced communications and our modern digital world possible, to the International Space Station and other spaceborne applications. Amphenol connectors have been relied on for decades to ensure manned and unmanned space vehicles stay online, allowing astronauts and aeronautical agencies to complete their missions operating in the harshest environment known to man.


Unmanned vehicles, from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), are poised to conquer domains across land, air, and sea sooner rather than later. Amphenol connectors have the versatility to meet the requirements of unmanned applications operating in any space.