Tie Wrap


Edan MacFarlane
Product Manager
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Garret Faulkingham
Marketing Specialist
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A lightweight clamp used for securing and “tidying up” cables into a desired direction.  They are typically used in interior wiring of an aircraft and are good for sensitive applications not requiring environmental sealing.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cost effective, light weight clamp

  • Ideal for organizing interior cable designs that do not require strain relief

  • Offering QPL, custom solutions, and commercial types

MM85049/16 Tie Wrap

M85049/56, M85049/57, M85049/63 Tie Wrap

M85049/53, M85049/54, M85049/55 Tie Wrap

M85049/15, M85049/16 Tie Wrap

Custom Backshell Solutions

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