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Gladiator is a small, lightweight, flat connector designed for soldier worn applications. Soldier worn applications include data sharing, battery charging, and peripheral connectivity. Plugs and receptacles fit through MOLLE pack straps. Receptacles are designed for panel mounting, clipped into MOLLE, or sewn into place.

Features & Benefits:

  • Magnetic mating orients and aligns connectors for fast, no-look mating.

  • Factory adjustable engage/disengage forces to meet customer specific requirements

  • Spring pins (spring probes) maintain contact through shock and vibration.

  • Fluorosilicone gasket interfacial seal that seals individual contacts and the plug to receptacle.

  • May be supplied cabled (flat or round) or self-terminated.

  • Power and Ground Pogo pins designed for 5A continuous current

  • Supports USB2.0 Data, with 90 Ω impedance

  • First mate, last break, pogo contact available for ground contacts

  • *Coming Soon: Multi Angle Release Gladiator with E-textile termination capability

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