Luminus High Speed

Amphenol Pcd has expanded the capability of Luminus to support industry standard TWINAX and QUADRAX style contacts. LUMINUS HS bring an easy to use, light weight, low cost connection solution to applications that have typically relied on heavier, more complicated, and therefore more expensive, metal shell connectors.
Supporting the AS39029/90, /91, /113, /114 Twinax and ARINC600, ARINC404, AS39029/119, /120 Quadrax rear release, rear removable, size 8 style contacts, LUMINUS HS provides exceptional performance in tight spaces, with a svelte shell size 8 (0.512”) outer diameter. With the explosive growth in ethernet enabled devices (IOT), this is size and configuration is particularly suited for end point applications, such as individual avionics sensors, panel mounted units, seat back and wall mounted displays and monuments.
Scoop proof construction and molded in alignment keys help protect the small gauge contacts during mating. When mated, IP67 sealing is guaranteed by the interfacial seal, helping ensure the contacts are free from dust, moisture and corrosion. A triple riser grommet sealing boot provides back end sealing on the wire side.
Unlike many of the competitive connectors, which are multipiece assemblies, LUMINUS HS shells are a single piece housing, impervious to humidity and dust, further enhancing clean, crack free operations over the full operating temperature and environmental conditions. Shells are a high grade polyethermide construction, providing a temperature range of -65C to +175C, and high mating cycles, making LUMINUS HS suitable for man/machine interfaces. 
Compatibility with standard Luminus shell sizes means many of the currently available tape and screw mount cradle accessories are supported, easing installation and mounting tasks.
Features & Benefits
¼ Turn Cam Lock
Easy-to-use, blind mate with audible click and visual locking aids
Interfacial & Wire sealing
IP67 performance for use in human interface, wet and damp applications
Polyethermide Single Piece Housing
High temperature resistance, resistance to a large number of harsh fuels & chemicals, a long working life & high mating cycles