• 360 degree mate-ability
  • 7 pin configuration 
  • Non-keyed
  • Robust design
  • Wipe clean interface
  • Multiple mating options
  • 90 degree cable exit

Easy termination

  • IDC terminals, no need to solder
  • Shield termination using band-strap
  • Does not require power
  • Supplied as connector or overmoulded harness

Either contact gender can be equipment mounted

  • Connector lid fixing method is common between connectors
  • Lids can be changed so that either Male or Female connectors can be mounted
  • Enables two circuits to be ‘keyed’ to stop mis-mating 

Connectors 'automatically' disconnects in most separation angles

  • Ideal for non-tethered applications
  • Avoids damage to the user/equipment from cable-snagging

Power contacts capable of 5A

  • Exceeds USB requirements
  • Reduces battery charging time