Fairlead Blocks

Designed to ensure that pipes and tubes are properly secured throughout their entire length, Amphenol Pcd's Fairlead Blocks were designed with strength and stability in mind. They provide stability against surges and vibration, and they’re developed with material that prevents chaffing.  Amphenol’s engineering experience enables the company to develop blocks that accommodate a wide range of tube diameters, and the products have no loose parts—reducing the likelihood of FOD.  Lastly, Amphenol’s service is second to none—offering quick turn-around times and competitive pricing.

Features & Benefits

High Performance Materials
Strong, Durable, & Lightweight

Multiple diameter options
Can meet wide range of tube diameters

Multiple material options
Many choices per specific requirement

No loose parts (reduction of FOD)
Lean manufacturing; reduces costs

Design & Engineering
Prevents wire and tube chaffing; protects against surges and harsh vibration

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