Adhesive Solutions

U-Snap Clamp

Amphenol’s U-Snap Clamp is perfect for tight spaces providing a pre-mounted solution with interchangeable size grommets to meet your harness size. The U-Snap design makes installation a “Snap” by eliminating the need for any tools for opening and closing the clamp!

  • Versatile base geometry allows for Tape Solution or Wet Process
  • Color coded grommets for each size, per housing
  • Bonded & Mounted versions available
  • Available base in Nylon & Ultem base
  • Multiple Grommet materials options
  • Lightweight metal free design


Cable-tie Mounts

Available as Standard or Miniature sized, these thermoplastic cable-tie mount provide a low profile attachment point for wire runs parallel to long axis of the mount. While the Miniature can be turned and used in any orientation of the wire run. Both standard-size and small-size available with high performance 2-way tape or with installation fixture.




Composite Standoffs

Composite standoff provides separation from structure for attachment points of various clamping and attachment solutions. Available in various lengths ranging from 0.375” to 1.000” in either Glass Filled Ultem or Glass Filled PEEK. For smaller footprint, trim version available along with standard circular base. Imperial and metric inserts available.




Adhesive Snap ‘N Posts

Adhesive Snap ‘N Posts are designed with ‘time savings’ in mind! Comprised of two parts, a neat nylon Adaptor Head, and Glass Filled Nylon Post, installers can choose between a single or double adaptor head to mount onto a pre-installed 0.75” or 1.50” post. Trim base available for areas with limited footprint.

Head Adaptors

  • Material: Neat Nylon
  • Available in Single or Double
  • Stackable in two 90° orientations
  • Arced rings covers remaining ±45° orientations

Post Adaptors

  • Material: Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Available in Single and Double stack

Installation Process

  • Post Adaptors pre-mounted to aircraft structure via epoxy or tape installation
  • Head Adaptors pre-attached to wire bundles
  • Head Adaptors with Bundles are “snapped” onto Post Adaptors
  • For removal of Head Adaptors, use Philips screwdriver