Square Clamps


Randy Gautreaux
Product Manager
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Ben Drury
Product Specialist
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Square clamps are engineered to provide a robust solution for securing bundles, pipes, and various other components within custom configurations to meet specific project requirements. These versatile tools are frequently employed for managing square wire bundles and accommodating multiple bundles concurrently. Designed with efficiency in mind, square clamps are crafted to minimize weight and streamline installation processes, incorporating advanced stacking and locking mechanisms to enhance user convenience.

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom sizes available to secure bundles of any size or shape

  • Single or multiple mounting point options

  • Open and close locking feature for ease of installation

  • Various fuel and high temperature resistant grommets available

  • Dedicated to pressurized and unpressurized areas

  • Completely non-corrosive and non-conductive PEEK plastic

  • Easily recognizable size labels makes inspection easy

  • Improved strength and stability over