Saddle Clamps


Randy Gautreaux
Product Manager
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Ben Drury
Product Specialist
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Saddle clamps are meticulously designed to offer a dependable method for flexible printed circuit boards, busbars, and more. Tailor made to meet the unique demands of each project, these adaptable instruments are customizable for almost any size or shape. With a focus on efficiency, saddle clamps are constructed to reduce weight and simplify the installation process, featuring sophisticated mechanisms for secure gripping and locking, thereby providing added convenience for users.

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom sizes available to secure busbars and flexible PCBs of any size or shape

  • Single or multiple mounting point options

  • Open and close locking feature for ease of installation

  • Various fuel and high temperature resistant grommets available

  • Dedicated to pressurized and unpressurized areas

  • Completely non-corrosive and non-conductive PEEK plastic

  • Easily recognizable size labels makes inspection easy

  • Improved strength and stability over metal options