Combined Charging System Type 2 - CCS2


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The CCS2, or Combo 2, which is the plug Europe (and other regions) use, features a Type 2 connector and two DC contacts. (IEC 61851/62196)  The main advantage of theType 2 connector is that it can supply three-phase AC current, thus increasing the power capability.

Features & Benefits:

  • DC or Three Phase AC charging ( IEC 62196-3 )

  • DC Only, AC Only, or AC/DC Combo charging

  • Multiple power configurations available:
    - 1000V AC, 300A to 500A DC
    - 240V AC, 48A or 80A

  • Other options:
    - Pigtail cable or user specified termination.
    - LED or no LED
    - 12v or 24v Interlock