Industrial/Audio Relay Sockets

Amphenol Pcd is pleased to announce the re-introduction of a classic design - Industrial/Audio Relay Sockets. Originally designed and produced by Amphenol’s Chicago division, Amphenol Pcd has brought back this connector due to popular demand.   Amphenol Pcd’s Industrial/Audio Relay Sockets provides a low cost, high quality solution for customers looking to maximize the life cycle of their existing product architectures.  Made with black phenol plastic and stamped alloy contacts, Amphenol Pcd’s Industrial/Audio Relay Sockets meet existing dimensional and performance specifications for standard 8,9, and 11 pin sockets, including retainer ring mounted and molded-in-plate (MIP) styles. Additional styles, such as shielded or screw termination DIN rail mount available on demand.
Typical applications are home security, door & gate openers, industrial automation, thermostats and lighting using “unsealed” relays. Audio applications are high-end audio amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, electronic organs and speakers - and using vacuum tube amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and rectifiers.
Features & Benefts
  • Black Phenolic construction
  • Phosphoruous Bronze contacts
  • 3a operating, 500 Vrms DWV typical
  • Miniature Type S
  • Standard "S" Series w/retaining ring
  •  "S" Series with molded in plate (MIP style)
  •  Socket and Plug styles available
  • DIN Rail mount style in development