Pluggable Plugs

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Optional accessories and variations greatly expand the application range and flexibility of the ELV/ELX line. Please refer to the table below for guidance in building part numbers to reflect desired variations. Contact Amphenol Pcd for additional details or application assistance.


Standard product color is black. However, all ELV/ELX products are also available in green—with the same Amphenol Pcd Express delivery commitment—if compatibility with blocks previously installed on a system is required. Catalog numbers for both colors are shown in all tables Consult Amphenol Pcd for other colors and color matching.

Contact Plating

Standard contact plating is tin-lead. Additionally, all ELV/ELX products are also available with selectively gold plated contacts—.000030" gold over .000050" nickel—for critical applications involving low-level circuits or more severe operating conditions. To specify gold plating, the eighth digit of the ELV or ELX catalog number, as shown in the table below, is indicated as either “1” for black/gold parts or “2” for green/gold parts.

Locking Ears—Plugs and Headers

Integrally molded locking ears are available with all plug and header (except 2-tier and ELVF) configurations for use in high-stress or high-vibration applications, or where unintentional disconnect must be prevented. Amphenol Pcd's integrally molded ear design provides a more secure and reliable alternate to competing “snap-on” versions.

Plug ears hold a captive floating slot-head locking screw that engages a threaded insert on the header ear. The mounting screw is tightened after plug and header are mated, firmly securing the connection.

Mounting Ears—Headers only

Header locking ears can also function as mounting ears to secure vertical-mount headers to printed boards or bulkheads with provisions for threaded fasteners.


Headers are designed to accept tabs which lock into keyways in the molded plastic, and can be configured to ensure correct mating of physically similar, but electrically unique plugs. The bright yellow tabs provide a visual and physical confirmation of correct mating.

In order to key a mated pair of connectors, the header is configured with the appropriate combination of keys, and the plug is modified to suit by trimming off the plastic tabs on the corresponding keyed contact pins. For handling convenience, keys are supplied in rings of eight. Click HERE for catalog number and ordering guidance.


Plugs are available with a variety of standard and custom position marking options. Catalog number designations for the most popular marking styles are indicated on the accompanying Part Numbering Guide. Please contact Amphenol Pcd to discuss requirements for special plug marking, or for header marking. Click HERE for details regarding stick-on marking labels.

Special Variations

Amphenol Pcd is the industry leader in providing custom PCB block configurations, tailored to meet special application or unusual system demands, and unique product identification or capability requirements. Please contact Amphenol Pcd to discuss individual needs.