Major Modifications


Make First/ Break Last
Headers incorporate selectively recessed contacts for make first/break last mating.
Custom Enclosure
Custom I/O mounting enclosure accepts a variety of standard Amphenol Pcd terminal blocks and provides wire trough, clear plastic cover, wiring designations and customer corporate identity. Custom colors provide distinctive appearance and allow user to offer different termination alternates in line with customer wiring needs.
Custom Header
ELFH headers with extra long tails, integrally molded standoffs and board retention clips for stability during the soldering process.
Board Mont Ears
Wire-to-board terminal blocks feature custom mounting ears to provide a secure screw-down mechanical connection to the board for severe stress conditions. Special marking.
High Density
3-tier .150" spacing wire-to-board block configured as high density I/O interconnect. Custom m
Finger Guard
Finger-guard screw termination covers provide electrical protection.