Customized Cable Assemblies

Customized and Standard Cable Assemblies, which interconnect interface modules with host devices, are available from Amphenol Pcd with the module, providing a single source for the total IM solution. Cables can also be ordered separately, or supplied with modules as fully packaged dealer kits on a turnkey basis.

Standard color choices for all cable assemblies are black, gray and beige. Contact Amphenol Pcd to discuss other choices.

Standard Assembly
Standard cable assemblies are available with any combination of male or female connectors and shielding options.


One-Side Assembly
Cable assemblies available with standard connector on one end and a custom configuration on the other. Options include plug assembly (shown), alligator clips for test points, or custom overmolded connectors.

Fully Customized
Fully customized cable assemblies available per customer request. Any color and connector combination can be created. See the design specification sheet at the end of this section for information required. This typical custom cable assembly, developed for testing and temporary applications, features an overmolded pluggable terminal block and clamp-on alligator clips.