Custom Interface Modules

Field Simulator
These boards are designed to simulate the I/Os that an equipment controller will see, and are utilized in field applications—prior to permanently connecting to the system—to program and check out the controller. Boards plug directly into the controller, and are set to simulate the field system by setting circuit switches on the board.
The fusing module provides in-line fusing and blown fuse indication for every circuit in a distributed I/O system. A pre-wired plug harness is supplied as an integral element of the module, and plugs directly into the system.
Integrated System
Amphenol Pcd worked with this navigation systems supplier to develop a series of five daughter boards and one mother board, installed within the constraints of the existing equipment chassis, which replaced hundreds of discrete wires and internal connections with ribbon cable, and reduced a forty-hour wiring and inspection job to less than six hours. The development entailed engineering visits and constant engineer-to-engineer communication between Amphenol Pcd and customer, and the preparation and electronic interchange of Pro/ENGINEER solid models to review concepts and, ultimately, fits and interferences.
Resale Package
Custom designed 2-tier headers accommodate discrete control and monitoring field wiring. A D-Sub provides interconnection to the controller. This interface module is supplied as a boxed and packaged kit, complete with the D-Sub cable assembly, customer logo identification and labels, sales-channel-ready for resale by the customer’s dealers and systems integrators.