Interface Modules Introduction and Application

Interface Modules are industrial interconnect devices which expand traditional terminal block I/O functions by incorporating the blocks, high-density electronic connectors, and often additional electronic components into a rail-mounted printed board assembly. The modules simplify interconnections between system I/O cards and field equipment while reducing installed cost and upgrading installation reliability. They are available in standard configurations, or can be readily built-to-order by Amphenol Pcd to customer requirements.

Custom Modules
Amphenol Pcd welcomes the opportunity to coordinate with customers in developing and supplying customized interface modules tailored to specific applications. Since Amphenol Pcd supplies the bulk of the terminal blocks utilized as a key module element, prompt delivery and economical cost are assured.  Modules can be built entirely to customer specifications, or based on Amphenol Pcd engineering input and recommendations on mechanical or electronic design requirements.

Standard delivery, including review of customer requirements and a Amphenol Pcd proposal, is six weeks from inquiry time, assuming no customer delay in proposal review. In emergencies, Amphenol Pcd has demonstrated the ability to turn around and deliver customized interface modules in less than two weeks.