Terminal Blocks

Amphenol Pcd is the leading North American corporation manufacturing both printed circuit board Terminal Blocks and interface modules. Terminal Blocks include a broad range of fixed-mount and pluggable European cage clamp, U.S.-style screw clamp and spring clamp style wire-to-board and wire-to-wire blocks and related headers in .098" to .591" centers. This range of blocks, combined with engineering responsiveness, serve as the basic elements with which a broad series of creative application solutions ranging from interface modules to new I/O block developments are created. Interface modules are industrial interconnect devices which expand traditional Terminal Block I/O functions by incorporating the blocks, high density connectors and often additional components into a rail-mounted printed board assembly.

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Applications: Industrial Markets, Factory Automation, Alternative Energy, Process Control, Instrumentation, HVAC, Security, Datacom, UPS and Audio/Video

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Terminal Block Distributors

Distributor Website Contact Email Phone
Allied Electronics www.alliedelec.com quotes@alliedelec.com 866-433-5722
Arrow Electronics www.arrow.com onlinesales@arrow.com 800-833-3557
Avnet Electronics www.avnet.com customer.care@avnet.com 800-408-8353
Belford Electronics www.belfordelect.com na 630-691-1100
Beyond Components www.beyondc.com sales@beyondc.com 800-971-4242
Digikey www.digikey.com sales@digikey.com 800-344-4539
Heilind Electronics www.heilind.com amphenol@heilind.com 800-400-7041
Mouser Electronics www.mouser.com sales@mouser.com 800-346-6873
Newark/Element 14 www.newark.com quote@newark.com 800-463-9275
Powell Electronics www.powell.com info@powell.com 800-235-7880
PEI Genesis www.peigenesis.com sales@peigenesis.com 800-675-1214
TTI www.ttiinc.com information@ttiinc.com na