Designed to secure and guide wire bundles through aircraft, Amphenol Pcd's Raceways were designed with lean manufacturing and durability in mind.  Built in a one-piece, lightweight design with multiple fixing points, our raceways are strong, durable and make wire bundle installation and maintenance easy.  Our Harness Supports were developed to secure large bundles and high loads, while our Hat Supports were developed to support a wide range of load requirements.  Our Spacer Strips were designed to separate wire bundles a specific distance from one another, while our low-profile Tie-Down Strips secure bundles directly to the structure.

Features & Benefits

Multiple fixing points
Offer convenience and ease of use

One-Piece design
Simplifies installation and inventory management

Variety of sizes
Accommodates different cable routing requirements

Lightweight and Durable
Simplifies wire bundle installation & maintenance

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