Adhesive Solutions

U-Snap Clamp   

  • Available in Nylon & PEEK
  • Aerospace grade VHB tape per 5958FR
  • Versatile Base geometry for VHB or wet process
  • Lightweight, metal free design
  • Color coded grommets for each size
  • Accommodates multiple sized grommets per housing
  • Bonded & mounted Versions available


  • Great for areas where you aren’t able to drill holes for mounting fasteners
  • UAVs, Drones & Composite Aircraft

Cable-Tie Mounts 

  • Material: GF Ultem, GF PEEK & GF Nylon
  • Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes
  • Click Bond Me-Too alternative crossing to CB9302 & CB9120
  • Can be used with any standard MS3367 or equivalent tie down strap


  • Material: PEEK 150 GL30
  • Adhesion: Accommodates VHB Tape and wet processes
  • Can be crossed to Boeing’s BACS21DZ & Click Bond’s CB4002
  • Uses 1032 insert making it compatible with APH Clamps

Snap ‘N Post 

  • Designed as a 1-for-1 replacement to BACS31H / NMC RP1703/1704 ring posts
  • Wire installation time reduced from ~30sec to less than 5sec 
  • Weight-neutral compared to BACS31H/RP1703/RP1704
  • Amphenol Patent No. US 10,096,934

Adapter Heads

  • Material: Nylon
  • Available in single or double 
  • Can stack in two 90° orientations
  • Arced rings allow for tie straps to cover remaining ±45° orientations

Post Adapters

  • Material: Nylon Glass Filled Posts
  • Available in single & double stack


  1. Post adapters pre-mounted to aircraft structure
  2. Adapter Heads pre-attached to wire bundles with tie straps
  3. Adapter Heads and bundles are snapped on to post adapters during wire installation
  4. Heads can be removed by inserting Philips screwdriver