Amphenol Pcd has two specialty product lines, C.A.P. Series and Bus Bars (Series 3250).

The C.A.P. series consists of a family of connectors that provide users easy access to standard communication and power ports, but in a ruggedized format that is easily integrated into aerospace or other demanding environments.  The spring loaded, 360 degree cover provides quick access to the front side / user port, while the equipment side is terminated in the popular Luminus or Pegasus bayonet style quick disconnect.  Mounting is screw mount panel mount or anti-rotation jaunt.

Qualified to EN 3661, Amphenol Pcd’s Bus Bars (Series 3250) are designed and developed for power and interface distribution. Offered in multiple styles and configurations, Amphenol Bus Bars are robust, reliable, and produced with the highest quality.

Applications: Solar, Factory Automation, Outdoor Broadband, Marine, LED, Power, Medical, Energy, Power and Interface Distribution