Ground Blocks

Combining advanced materials with an elegant design, Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks provide the lightest weight, highest density grounding solution available in the market today. Wired connections are environmentally-sealed, providing protection from moisture, spray, and debris. Unused connections are protected via Amphenol Pcd’s patented FODSeal Technology, which replaces the sealing plugs - reducing FOD, weight and part count. Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks are ideal for use in harsh environments typically found in aircraft, ground vehicle and naval applications.

Features & Benefits

Overmold Technology
Simplifies construction and improves sealing and reliability

Plastic retention clip - made with VICTREX® PEEK Polymer
Simplifies construction; uses 1 plastic piece vs 6 individual metal pieces

FODSeal Technology (Patented)
Reduces FOD, part count and weight by eliminating sealing plugs

Smart Engineering
Weight Savings - up to 0.06 oz per block vs standard designs, yielding up to 2lbs per plane on typical aircraft