Electronic Splices

Single and Dual Splices and Electronic Splices are designed to provide a quick and efficient solution to customer wiring requirements. 

Single and Dual Wire Splices meet MIL-T-81714/11 & 12 requirements and are highly resistant to temperature and fluids.

TJSE Electronic Modules can be supplied with a wide variety of diodes, resistors, capacitors, and fuses within the splice itself. TJSE Electronic Splices meet the electronic parameters of MIL-81714/24 and allow customers to incorporate system modifications into a wire bundle, avoiding changes in panels or boards.

Amphenol Pcd’s Electronic Terminal Junction Splices are available with a variety of components and in a wide range of configurations. Components available include but are not limited to diodes, resistors, fuses, capacitors, thyristors, and inductors, and are also available with multiple components within one module. The following are currently available Electronic Terminal Junction Splices, although there are new configurations produced regularly and customized components are also available.