Magnetic Jack Units

Phitek’s magnetic jacks are the world’s longest lasting aviation jacks capable of 10x more connection cycles compared with standard aircraft audio jacks. Their unique design makes costly headphone cable pin breakage a thing of the past because the plug is automatically released when passengers pull their headphone cord with force (7N or more) saving on maintenance costs. The jacks are designed to be compatible with all headphone types and integrate within well-established IFE systems in the commercial aviation market.

Phitek provides magnetic jacks in a variety of shapes for in-arm and seat back chassis installation including square, triangle, and obround. For more detailed technical specifications for each of our connectors please contact us.


  • Compatible with all headphones
  • Eliminates pin breakage
  • Saves engineering costs
  • Prevents loss of in-seat passenger entertainment
  • Includes Phitek’s patented plug-type detection and switching technology