CWAP Connector

The Cabin Wireless Access Points units are providing airlines’ crews and passengers alike a convenient and seamless access to Information, Data and Entertainment through Personal Electronic Devices or in-seat equipments.

Amphenol Socapex CWAP connector, with its dedicated 4 quadrax insert arrangement, is the perfect choice to achieve the expected level of performance, reliability and compliance to the ARINC standard.
Features & Benefits


  • Derived from MIL-DTL-38999 and EN3645 Size 19 connectors (other sizes available)
  • Shell material and plating: aluminum with electroless nickel Shell-to-shell bottoming
  • Grounding fingers on the plug shell
  • Completely mates and self-locks in a 360° turn of the coupling nut Anti-decoupling device allows high vibration performance
  • Metallic insert to maintain ground plane with the connector shell for all the shielded contacts
  • Dedicated stand-off receptacle with integrated ground pin
  • Front Release / Front removable PCB pin contact on the receptacle side
  • Rear Release / Rear removable crimp socket contact on the plug side


  • Amphenol® Quadrax Contacts offers several advantages for high data transfer rates, low power consumption and excellent EMI compatibility:
  • Four strategically spaced inner contacts form two 100 or 150 Ohm matched impedance differential pairs
  • Outer contact has rugged wall section for durability
  • Available in size 8 crimp termination style
  • Also available in size 8 with PC tails