Coupling Styles

Various coupling styles as shown here are possible for the coupling between the Backshell and the connector. Amphenol offers all the popular combination of coupling style in respective Backshell family.

Spin Coupling
The coupling nut is captivated in the Backshell follower thru suitable retention mechanism. This style facilitates the free rotation of the coupling nut and hence the assembly of Backshell to the connector becomes easy without turning the entire Backshell body. Lock wire holes are provided on the coupling nut to prevent accidental de-coupling when specified.
Self-Lock Coupling
In self-lock style, the free movement of the coupling nut is arrested thru suitable devise so that the accidental de-coupling is prevented within the specified vibration levels.
Direct coupling
The coupling nut is eliminated in this design. The coupling end of the Backshell is designed for the direct fitment to the connector. This style finds applications when simple direct connectivity is sufficient.