.100" ELH High Density

2.54 mm/0.100 in
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Edge Card Terminal Block
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Highest Contact Density
The ELH .100" spacing, high-density screw-terminal/edgecard connector features the highest contact density of any screw termination connector system available. Connectors are available in single- and double-density versions and range in size from 10--40 and 20--80 contacts, respectively.
The ELH is designed for use with double-sided boards. Single-density connectors provide opposing board contacts on staggered .200" centers. The double-density design features opposing board contacts on .100" centers. (See drawings.)
Bifurcated, selectively-plated contacts are pre-loaded to guarantee high normal force and good electrical and mechanical contact with a minimum of contact deflection. This assures reliable performance under extreme conditions of board warping, thickness and movement.
Connectors are designed for side wire entry. Screw terminations are actuated from the rear of the connector. Single-density wire bundles train to one side (left or right) of the connector. Double-density bundles train to both sides.

Sizes and Special Configurations
Connector sizes listed are standard configurations. Contact Amphenol Pcd for minimum order quantity requirements for special sizes and configurations.

Current Rating: 5A
Insulation Resistance: >105 Megohms
Durability: 500 cycles per MIL-C-21097
Wire Range: 14-26 AWG
Wire Pullout Force: 35 lbs minimum
Board Thickness Range: .054-.070"

Housing: Glass-filled polyester, UL 94-V0, Black
Contact: Phosphor bronze, .000030" selective gold finish
Wire Clamp: Brass, nickel finish
Terminal Screw: Steel, nickel finish