3.5mm (.138") ELXH Mini Headers with locking ears Vertical/Horizontal

3.50 mm/0.138 in
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The integrally molded locking ears are available with ELXP and ELXT plugs, and ELXH series headers. Plug ears hold a captive floating, slot-head locking screw that engages a threaded insert on the header ear. The mounting screw is tightened after plug and header are firmly mated, securing the connection. All plugs and headers indicated on these pages are intermateable and interchangeable with industry standard 3.5mm plugs and headers.

ELX headers are molded of ultra-high-temperature polyamide, which will withstand temperatures to 260°C during the PCB production process, and are compatible with SMT reflow soldering. The headers are available in vertical and horizontal versions. A shrouded design and keying capability prevent mismating.

Current Rating: 12A
Operating Voltage: 300V
Insulation Resistance: >105 Megohms
Dielectric Withstanding: <3000V
Wire Pullout Force: Per UL 486E, Section 14

Housing: PBT, UL 94V-0 (Standard)
PA 46, UL 94V-0 (High temp)
Black (Green option standard only)
Contact: Copper alloy, optional finish

Hole Diameter: .055" min


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