New Relay Sockets

Amphenol Pcd’s Relay Sockets are qualified to MIl-PRF-12883 specifications and have an amp range between 2 and 25. Offered in various types and configurations, they feature state of the art ultrasonically bonded interfaces between the dielectric components, eliminating air paths and providing protection against moisture and degradation.

Typical applications include: Military Aircraft, Commercial Aircraft, Avionics, Unmanned Systems, Space, Ground Vehicles, C4ISR, Soldier Systems, Missiles/Missile Defense, and Naval.


Part Number Type Description
RSF116400 Front Release 4 pole
RSF116404 Front Release 4 pole
RSF116408 Front Release 4 pole
RSF116412 Front Release 4 pole
RSF116416 Front Release 4 pole
RSN116180RSN112040RSN112050 MIL-PRF-12883 compatible PCB mount configurations 
RSE116792-S MIL-PRF-12883/56-01S 1 pole, 10 amp; ss hardware
RSE116792 MIL-PRF-12883/56-01 1 pole, 10 amp
RSE116796 MIL-PRF-12883 compatible 1 pole, 10 amp
JRS600200 Quick Mount, MIL-PRF-12883/47-02, 05 compatible 6 pole, 10 amp
JRS600100 Quick Mount, MIL-PRF-12883/47-01, 04 compatible 6 pole, 10 amp
JRE100100 Quick Mount, MIL-PRF-12883/56-01 compatible 1 pole, 10 amp


Part Number Type Description
RSN200000, RSN300000 M12883 compatible Hard covers for Relay Sockets


Part Number Type Description
TSS700121 Industrial 11 contacts, size 12
TSS700128 Industrial 8 contacts, size 12