Power Generation & Propulsion

Amphenol offers the highest performing connectors for aerospace. From connectors to ground charging solutions coupled with our harness assembly capability and we become the end-to-end solution for AAM electric motor and power distribution requirements. We have the expertise to optimize Size, Weight and Power Performance (SWaPP) in reliably designed products with minimal weight penalty.

Power Generation & Propulsors Applications:

  • Battery
  • Motors
  • High Voltage Ground Charging

Amphenol Products

1900SIM Rectangular: 1900SIM is a 3 modules rectangular connector providing versatility and high density within a small form factor. Fitted with overmolded SIM modules offering best-in-class dielectric and sealing performances. They come in composite version for weight savings. Available with modules from 30 contacts size 23 (5 Amps) up to 1 contact size 8 (up to 80 Amps). 

Circular & Rectangular Multi-pole Rhino: This range extension from the Rhino 38999 connector enables more than one contact to be housed within a circular connector shell alongside a pair of HVIL contacts. These connectors are available in cable or panel mounting configurations and contact counts up to 5-pins. Multiple high-current contacts can be housed within one single connection for simplicity and space-saving. 

Custom Backshells: A leader in interconnect solutions, we know designers like to have the most flexibility. Amphenol has the flexibility to make any modification on the standard product including the integration of a variety of sensors within the backshell itself. Learn More

EN4165 / SIM & SIM Monomodule Learn More

Engine Backshells: Engine Backshells are available in many different types for a wide variety of applications. One of the harshest applications is within the engine and ours are robust enough to work in this extreme environment. We offer Rolls Royce qualified engine backshells (ESC 53,75-77). Custom solutions and configurations are also available for the harshest design requirements. Learn More

Ground Power Receptacle: Ground Power Receptacle is currently installed on commercial airliners and is fully intermateable with ground based SAE AS 25486 power plugs. This outlet contains four power pins, including one for neutral, and two smaller pins for power control powers the aircraft while docked at the gate. Various interfaces and lightning protection housings are available.

HARP Power Connector: Next Generation of high density modular connector offering a direct Harness-to-Board connection. This ergonomic solution enables fast and easy harness installations. High power version offers 3 contacts 150Amps + 2 signal contacts. Also available in full size 22 signal contacts version, or mixed 22/20/8 contacts sizes.

Ground Modules (M81714 Style, 1758,1174 Circular): Combining advanced materials with an elegant design, Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks provide the lightest weight, highest density grounding solution available in the market today. Wired connections are environmentally-sealed, providing protection from moisture, spray, and debris. Unused connections are protected via Amphenol Pcd’s patented FODSeal Technology, which replaces the sealing plugs - reducing FOD, weight and part count. Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks are ideal for use in harsh environments typically found in aircraft, ground vehicle and naval applications. Learn More

Inline Splices/Electronic Splices (M81714 Style,1119): M81714 Style Splices/Electronic Splices designed to provide a quick and efficient solution to application design wiring requirements and are highly resistant to temperature and fluids. Supplied with a wide variety of diodes, resistors, capacitors, and fuses. Amphenol’s electronic solutions allow customers to incorporate system modifications into a wire bundle, avoiding changes in panels or boards. Learn More

Junction Modules (M81714 Style,1750,1758): Series I Terminal Junction Modules and Series II Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable and performs to M81714 electrical and mechanical standards. Series I uses standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Series II uses M39029/22 socket contacts. Both accommodate 12-26 AWG wires. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories and customization available. Learn More

Luminus: Luminus are small, lightweight, sealed, cost-effective connectors are highly reliable and easy to use circular connectors. The bayonet and push-pull style connectors support signal level to medium power (23A) applications. These parts can fly with Altitude Immersion testing to 75k feet. RoHS and REACH compliant. Learn More

Pegasus: For use in harsh environments, Pegasus builds on the successful Luminus connector with the addition of metal plated EMI/RFI shielding.  Small, lightweight, sealed, cost-effective connectors, highly reliable and easy to use circular connectors. Bayonet style connectors support signal level to medium power (23A). Pegasus can fly with Altitude Immersion testing to 75k feet. RoHS/REACH compliant. Learn More

Raptor & Raptor Feedthrough: Raptor Circular Feedthrough is engineered for High Voltage and High Current Systems in e-flight, e-Vtol and Hybrid applications such as bat­teries, generators, motors & power distribution units and is ideal for termination of screened power cables. It is designed for applications where once the equipment is installed, it does not require frequent connection and disconnection.

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