Passenger spaces within most future advanced mobility aircraft will be dramatically smaller and outfitted with the latest technology advancements. Interior componentry from Lighting to Inflight Entertainment & Communications will all need to be spatially smaller and much lighter than in todays larger commercial airliners. Access to personal power and wireless charging will be a necessity for tomorrows passengers as well. As the leader in cabin connectivity solutions Amphenol has already helped define the future with our light weight & simple to use products.

Passenger Applications

  • IFE & Communications Internal Lighting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Water & Waste Management Safety Systems

Amphenol Products

3559 Lighting & Cabin Connectors: 3559 connector is a mono modular, push-pull connector that is ideal for In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Lighting, Cabin Service Systems, and other interconnect system requirements. Ideal where shielding is not necessary, the 3559 connector is light weight and composite. This series also uses standard EN4165 modules enabling modularity and sealing in a variety of configurations.

ASR Rectangular Connectors: ASR low profile rectangular connectors are a compact and easy to use interconnect where shielding, sealing, and space, and weight-saving are prime requirements. ASR connectors use MIL-C-39029 contacts, feature a snap-locking mechanism and are available in both male and female versions, as well as PCB (straight and right angle) or crimp contacts. Learn More

Bluetooth IFE Module: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules create an innovative way to enhance the passenger experience with minimal impact to the aircrafts connection architecture. BLE modules utilize the newest capabilities of BLE technology to broadcast live flight information to multiple devices simultaneously. The BLE modules inherently create a personal experience for passengers that will make every flight memorable. Learn More

Cable Harnessing: Custom designed cables for various advanced air mobility applications that can be utilized in high temperatures and rugged environments. The harness division at Amphenol Pcd is accredited to both the AS9100:D:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards. Quick-turn prototype services and customization from connector selection to full cable assembly design are offered. Learn More

Composite Backshells: Composite Backshells, strain relief & split shield rings are perfect for weight savings. Composite Backshells offer weight reduction, corrosion resistance dimisnhes vibration. Composite backshells mate with MIL-DTL-38999 III & IV. Learn More

Ground Modules (M81714 Style, 1758,1174 Circular): Combining advanced materials with an elegant design, Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks provide the lightest weight, highest density grounding solution available in the market today. Wired connections are environmentally-sealed, providing protection from moisture, spray, and debris. Unused connections are protected via Amphenol Pcd’s patented FODSeal Technology, which replaces the sealing plugs - reducing FOD, weight and part count. Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks are ideal for use in harsh environments typically found in aircraft, ground vehicle and naval applications. Learn More

Inline Splices/Electronic Splices (M81714 Style,1119): M81714 Style Splices/Electronic Splices designed to provide a quick and efficient solution to application design wiring requirements and are highly resistant to temperature and fluids. Supplied with a wide variety of diodes, resistors, capacitors, and fuses. Amphenol’s electronic solutions allow customers to incorporate system modifications into a wire bundle, avoiding changes in panels or boards. Learn More

Junction Modules (M81714 Style,1750,1758): Series I Terminal Junction Modules and Series II Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable and performs to M81714 electrical and mechanical standards. Series I uses standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Series II uses M39029/22 socket contacts. Both accommodate 12-26 AWG wires. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories and customization available. Learn More

Luminus: Luminus are small, lightweight, sealed, cost-effective connectors are highly reliable and easy to use circular connectors. The bayonet and push-pull style connectors support signal level to medium power (23A) applications. These parts can fly with Altitude Immersion testing to 75k feet. RoHS and REACH compliant. Learn More

Pegasus: For use in harsh environments, Pegasus builds on the successful Luminus connector with the addition of metal plated EMI/RFI shielding.  Small, lightweight, sealed, cost-effective connectors, highly reliable and easy to use circular connectors. Bayonet style connectors support signal level to medium power (23A). Pegasus can fly with Altitude Immersion testing to 75k feet. RoHS/REACH compliant.  Learn More

M12883 & Quickmount Relay Sockets: M12883 and Quickmount Relay Sockets are qualified to MIL-PRF-12883 specifications and have an amp range between 2 and 25. Various configurations, featuring ultrasonically bonded interfaces between the dielectric components, eliminating air paths and providing protection against moisture and degradation. Snap into standard aircraft panel cutouts eliminating mounting hardware. Learn More

M24308 DSubs: M24308 Dsub connectors are widely used in in-flight entertainment and communications. 5 shell sizes with 9, 15, 25, 37 & 50 contacts under standard density and 15, 26, 44, 62, 78 and 104 in high density. Supports performance enhancements such as sealing and EMI to meet application needs. M24308 Dsub are widely stocked, better value per pin and allow closer spacing on the panel than circular connectors. Learn More

MagJack Noise Cancelling Jack: Active-Noise Cancelling (ANC) jacks for keep the system very low power and low weight. MagJack Noise Cancelling Jacks can be electrically isolated from the aircraft power by using compatible headphones that power the noise-cancelling circuit inside the jack. The ANC jacks reduce ambient noise by up to 20dB. Learn More

Solaris: Solaris, small, lightweight, sealed, cost-effective connectors are highly reliable and easy to use rectangular connectors. Solaris supports signal level to medium power (23A) applications with scoop-proof contacts. Spring-loaded slide lock mechanism is a snap to use - simply push to lock and slide to unlock. Reverse gender capability - Allows live power connector to be either plug or receptacle. RoHS/REACH compliant. Learn More

USB IFE Power Module: USB IFE Power Modul deliver safe and efficient charging to passenger electronic devices (PED). Convert virtually any DC input voltage into the optimal charging power level for the connected PED. Whether the charging modules are for personal devices or critical flight equipment, Amphenol’s team of experts deliver on meeting or exceeding performance requirements. Learn More

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