Although the main body of future aircraft will look dramatically different from what we are familiar with today it will still require a vast number of rugged connectors, harnessing solutions and system attachments.  Lighter weight, easier to install and composite materials are all improvements Amphenol can offer over traditional aerospace solutions.

Fuselage Applications

  • Power Distribution
  • EWIS management

Amphenol Products

75P Clamps: 75P Clamps were designed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring a locking feature, butterfly stacking, weight savings, durable PEEK polymer band material and multiple cushion material options that are non-conductive, non-corrosive. 75P Clamps are a versatile solution for reducing weight and installation time. Learn More

86P Clamps: 86P Clamps were designed as a one-for-one replacement to outperform industry standard metal clamps (i.e. AS21919). Featuring separate locking and mounting locations, a bottom hinge for easy wire bundle installation, and a non-conductive, non-corrosive PEEK polymer construction. 86P Clamps are a versatile solution for reducing weight and installation time. Learn More

ABS1424 / ABS1694/1695 Cable & Pipe guides: Brackets designed to help guide wire bundles, hydraulic pipes and ventilation conduits throughout the aircraft. Lightweight and high performance black thermoplastic, conform to ABD031 flammability standard and shock rated to RTCA/DO-160G cat. Accommodates various structural thicknesses. REACH/RoHS compliant and supports operating temperatures from -67°F to +185°F. Learn More

Adhesive Snap ‘N Post: Adhesive Snap ‘N Posts were designed as a 1-for-1 replacement to the ring posts. Installation is a snap as the posts are pre-installed to the structure while the adapter heads are pre-installed to the wire harness. Installers simply snap heads onto posts to complete wire harness installation. This reduces installation time from ~30+ sec. to less than 5 sec. The Snap ‘N Posts are light weight Nylon or Ultem material posts and Nylon adapter heads. Learn More

Adhesive Tie Mounts: Use Adhesive Tie Mounts when you need a low profile mount without punching holes in the structure. Made from either GF Ultem, GF PEEK or GF Nylon, Adhesive Tie Mounts can be adhered using VHB Tape or wet processes epoxy. Choose from either rectangular cable tie mounts or smaller square tie mounts, both can be used with any standard MS3367 or equivalent tie down strap. Learn More

U-Snap Clamps: Available in Nylon, PEEK, and Ultem.  Aerospace grade VHB tape per 5958FR .  Versatile Base geometry for VHB or wet process.  Lightweight, metal free design.  Color coded grommets for each size.  Accommodates multiple sized grommets per housing.  Bonded & mounted versions available. Learn More

CC1339 & CC5516 Light Clamps: CC1339 & CC5516 Light Clamps are a lightweight alternative to metal clamps, offering a versatile solution for reduced weight (up to 73% saved) installation time and increased cable protection.  Quick Installation, overmolded product and pre-locking or pre-mount. Learn More

EN3545/1900 Rectangular: EN3545 / 1900, composite sealed rectangular connectors available with various contact arrangements. Includes sizes 22 to 8 crimp removable contacts for Copper and Aluminum cable, common in Mil-DTL-38999 connectors such as Coax, Twinax, Triax and Quadrax. Configurable keying and locking posts providing 36 options. Ideal when shielding is not necessary. Learn More

Fairlead Block Pipe Guides: Fairlead Blocks were designed to properly secure pipes and tubes throughout their entire length. Fairlead Blocks provide stability against surges and vibration, and developed with material that prevents chaffing. Parts are designed with cored out geometry to help reduce with by up to 20% from traditional rubber blocks. Learn More

Ground Modules (M81714 Style, 1758,1174 Circular): Combining advanced materials with an elegant design, Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks provide the lightest weight, highest density grounding solution available in the market today. Wired connections are environmentally-sealed, providing protection from moisture, spray, and debris. Unused connections are protected via Amphenol Pcd’s patented FODSeal Technology, which replaces the sealing plugs - reducing FOD, weight and part count. Amphenol Pcd’s Ground Blocks are ideal for use in harsh environments typically found in aircraft, ground vehicle and naval applications. Learn More

Inline Splices/Electronic Splices (M81714 Style,1119): M81714 Style Splices/Electronic Splices designed to provide a quick and efficient solution to application design wiring requirements and are highly resistant to temperature and fluids. Supplied with a wide variety of diodes, resistors, capacitors, and fuses. Amphenol’s electronic solutions allow customers to incorporate system modifications into a wire bundle, avoiding changes in panels or boards. Learn More

Junction Modules (M81714 Style,1750,1758): Series I Terminal Junction Modules and Series II Socket Junction Modules are robust, reliable and performs to M81714 electrical and mechanical standards. Series I uses standard M39029/1 pin contacts. Series II uses M39029/22 socket contacts. Both accommodate 12-26 AWG wires. Mounting rail and installation/termination accessories and customization available. Learn More

Lightening Hole Bushings: QuickSNAP Lightening Hole Bushings guide wired bundles through the aircraft’s frame and stringers. Significantly reduce installation times and amount of foreign object debris (FOD).  Made with smooth edges to reduce wire chaffing, and available in various standard configurations and sizes. Customization is always an option. Learn More

M12883 & Quickmount Relay Sockets: M12883 and Quickmount Relay Sockets are qualified to MIL-PRF-12883 specifications and have an amp range between 2 and 25. Various configurations, featuring ultrasonically bonded interfaces between the dielectric components, eliminating air paths and providing protection against moisture and degradation. Snap into standard aircraft panel cutouts eliminating mounting hardware. Learn More

Power Feeder Spacers: Made of Ultem, the Power Feeder Spacer provides a constant spacing between the power feeder harnesses withstanding the higher temperature exposure. The design allows for a six-degree rotation on the power feeder bundle and does not fight against the natural flow of the power feeder. Used as anchor points and secure six bundle positions with diameter of .560in. Smaller spacers are currently available. Learn More

Raptor: Raptor Circular Feedthrough is engineered for High Voltage and High Current Systems in e-flight, e-Vtol and Hybrid applications such as bat­teries, generators, motors & power distribution units and is ideal for termination of screened power cables. It is designed for applications where once the equipment is installed, it does not require frequent connection and disconnection.

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