Cross Reference Parts

The information presented in Amphenol Pcd’s industry cross-reference search tool is based on our best estimate of other manufacturers' published information at the time that we collected this information. This information is for suggestion purposes only.

We recommend that you completely review our datasheet to confirm the device functionality, pinout, and performance for your application.

Amphenol Pcd is not responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information. No information provided herein shall be used in a manner which is adverse to Amphenol Pcd.

Cross Reference # Amphenol Part #
1806232 ELFH0341GE
1776155 ELFP0421PG
1786200 ELFY0421G
1873388 ELFZ0521G
1825530 ELFY0521GE
1825543 ELFY0621GE
1975118 SCFC0621G
1718520 ELTP061G0TE
FKC 2.5/12-ST-5.08 SCFC1221G
1781085 ELFP1221G
1718504 ELTP041G0TE
1975095 SCFC0421G
1718494 ELTP031G0TE
1711271 ELQP031G0
1754465-MSTB 2.5/3-ST ELFP0311G
1825556 ELFY0721GE
1834356 ELVS031G0
1748545 ELQZ021G0
1718481 ELTP021G0TE
MKDSN 1,5/2-5,08 BK ESLM17200
SMKDSN 1,5/9-5,08 ELMM16120
MSTB 2,5/16-ST ELFP1611G
MSTB 2,5/17-ST ELFP1711G
MSTB 2,5/18-ST ELFP1811G
MSTB 2,5/19-ST ELFP1911G
MSTB 2,5/20-ST ELFP2011G
MSTB 2,5/21-ST ELFP2111G
MSTB 2,5/22-ST ELFP2211G
MSTB 2,5/23-ST ELFP2311G
MSTB 2,5/24-ST ELFP2411G
MSTB 2,5/2-ST ELFP0211G
MSTB 2,5/3-ST ELFP0311G
MSTB 2,5/4-ST ELFP0411G
MSTB 2,5/5-ST ELFP0511G
MSTB 2,5/6-ST ELFP0611G
MSTB 2,5/7-ST ELFP0711G
MSTB 2,5/8-ST ELFP0811G
MSTB 2,5/9-ST ELFP0911G
MSTB 2,5/10-ST ELFP1011G
MSTB 2,5/11-ST ELFP1111G
MSTB 2,5/12-ST ELFP1211G
MSTB 2,5/13-ST ELFP1311G
MSTB 2,5/14-ST ELFP1411G
MSTB 2,5/15-ST ELFP1511G
1938951 ELFA1021G
IC 2,5/2-G-5,08 ELFB2423G
1907814 ESLM04200
MKDSN 1,5/4-5,08 BK ESLM04200
1800090 ESLM05200
MKDSN 1,5/5-5,08 BK ESLM05200